Meet The Pastor

Hi there my name is Allan and I’m the Pastor at Clarence Town Presbyterian Church. The locals of Clarence Town have warmly received the Welch family, and our sincere hope is to get to know more members of this beautiful town very soon. It’s so encouraging to come to a country town that is thriving – it’s great to see so many new houses being built. On a personal level, we are enjoying the country life once again, the kids have settled into the great local schools, Scouts and tennis are regular features of our week, and I’m really enjoying going out in the tinny fishing after a long dry spell in Sydney! Although fishing for people is our true joy!

In 2018 I completed four years theological study at Christ College in Burwood, (formerly the Presbyterian Theological Centre) and this is my first Pastoral appointment as Minister of a congregation. We are very excited to be here in the beautiful village of Clarence Town. Leanne and I have been married for 24 years and we have four kids, 3 at home and one daughter at Uni in Sydney.

 We have lived in Penrith, Ungarie, Cheshunt (Vic), Griffith and Glenwood over those last 24 years, holding various jobs – the longest stints being myself as a policeman and Leanne as a nurse, and now the best job ever – preaching and pastoring people with the Gospel of Jesus Christ! I have also recently been invested as an Honorary Police Chaplain to the Port Stephen’s – Hunter Police District.

As the Pastor of the Presbyterian Church in Clarence Town, my hope is to be able to reveal the love of God through word and deed to the people of our District. As a gathering of God’s people we hope to do this through sharing the good news of the most influential person in all history – Jesus, and by putting into practice what he charged his followers everywhere to do: love the Lord your God with all your heart, soul, strength and mind, and love your neighbour as yourself.

While a large part of being the Pastor of a Church involves explaining God’s word from the Bible, (both Old and New Testaments!) I confess I am also very much looking forward to getting to know the people of our new adoptive town, and sharing with them the awesome hope there is for the future, that comes from faith in what Jesus has done. Clarence Town Presbyterian Church has experienced some excellent growth in recent times, enabling us to inject a new approach to our church music when we worship, as well as having kids talks and the potential for running a full Sunday school is increasing as the weeks go by. Soon we hope to carry out an extension to the church building enabling us to increase our capacity and hold more community events at the church – including art classes, special guest nights and men’s and women’s events. It is such an exciting time for Clarro Pressies and I can’t wait to baptise a few newbies in our own Clarence River down the road!

Due to the COVID 19 pandemic and the restrictions to numbers of people who can be held in our old building, from 13th December 2020 we will be meeting at the main auditorium at the Clarence Town Public School – directly opposite the church. As a newly revitalised church in the town, we’d like to extend a heart felt invitation for all to come and worship the Lord our God, enjoy great friendships and learn about who Jesus is at 10am every Sunday. 

Also please check out our website to see what’s happening in our Church, and we’d love for you to drop in to check us out either on a Sunday or one of our Growth Groups – or drop me a line via email or phone – I love a chat!

God Bless, hope to see you soon.
Allan and Leanne Welch (and the kids)