About Us

Hunter Presbytery
  Clarence Town 

“Being committed to a local congregation is an important aspect of Christian life.”

What does it mean to be a “Presbyterian” Church?

The name “Presbyterian” is taken from the Greek word for elder. We are a church whose leadership structure is based on elders, who operate under the headship of Jesus Christ. Each local Presbyterian church is lead by a group of elders, sometimes called the Session. Individual churches, in turn, are grouped into regions which are overseen by groups of representative elders, called a Presbytery. All of the Presbyteries in NSW are overseen by a yearly Assembly – again consisting of elders.

Clarence Town Presbyterian Church is a member of the Presbyterian Church of Australia.

Our Elders

Elder Steve Bignill


Steve is our latest addition to the Eldership team. Ordained in January 2022, Steve is married to Leisa and has three adult children. Steve has been a member of the Clarence Town Presbyterian Church since 2019 and is currently our Men’s Ministry Coordinator.

“Jesus is my rock and salvation!”


Phil has been an Elder in the Presbyterian Church since the early 1990’s and was inducted into the Clarence Town Eldership in 2019. Phil is currently the church Session Clerk and is married to Sue. 


“I am the way the truth and the life”

Our Methodology


We believe the Presbyterian form of Church governance is a is a biblical way of leading churches. Our attitude to the Bible is evangelical. This means our teaching is focused on understanding the Bible, from the small details, to the broad sweep of how the whole Bible fits together. We are committed to the Gospel, the good news about Jesus. The Gospel is the most important thing we can share with people.

Our theology is Reformed and Calvinistic. This means we focus on the sovereignty of God in all of life, especially salvation. Our doctrinal position is summarised in the Westminster Confession of Faith. While this is the official position of the Presbyterian Church, members are not required to agree with every detail of it. If you openly commit to being a member of God’s Kingdom, you can be a member of the Presbyterian Church!